90s Presidents of United States America t-shirt Extra Large



Chest 22.5 in.

Length 27.5 in.

Content: 100% Cotton

Tag Brand: Anvil

This sweet double-sided band tee is for the group The Presidents of the United States of America. The band was first formed in 1993 in Seattle, Washington by Chris Ballew, Jason Finn, and Dave Dederer. This shirt is from around the time that the group released their debut self-titled album which featured two of their biggest hit singles “Peaches” and “Lump”. The album was a huge commercial success, peaking at number six on the Billboard 200, and following its release the group spent much of the mid 90s touring internationally. MTV aired a prerecorded concert of the band playing at Mount Rushmore for Presidents Day of 1996. They released a follow up album in 1996 titled II as well as several compilation albums before the band broke up in 2000.

Before their breakup the group released a number of songs for film and television. This included a cover of the Ian Hunter song “Cleveland Rocks” which was used as the theme for The Drew Carey Show. They wrote and performed the theme for the television movie My Date With the President’s Daughter, and a cover of the George of the Jungle theme for the 1997 Brendan Fraiser movie of the same name. PUSA briefly collaborated with Sir-Mix-A-Lot in the late 90s, to form the short-lived rock and hip-hop band Subset.

Fits like a modern unisex adult Extra Large